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The Wonderful Things We Do

Falling Angels offers the following services in the Rockland County area:

  • Free counseling for sickle cell patients and their families.
  • Free tutoring for sickle cell patients that fall behind in their education because of attacks.
  • Group support, transportation, and many other services to sickle cell patients and their families.
  • Identify and educate the community about sickle cell disease via seminars and special events.
  • Transportation to and from doctor or hospital appointments.
  • Baby sitters for siblings of a sickle cell child in crisis, thus allowing a parent peace of mind.
  • Provide meals for family members when a patient has long stays in the hospital.
  • Inform and transform the lives of those who are living with the disease and/or the trait.
  • Advisory support groups and workshops.

When Sickle Cell makes you feel secluded and alone, Falling Angels is there to support the family. Our Counseling services are for the young and old, so that no one suffers alone.

If your child, loved one or yourself is in need of “Free Counseling Services” with one of our  board certified counselors, please complete the appropriate form  to schedule a session. Don’t travel this road alone; Falling Angels is here to assist and support!

Long Term Goal

To build a Sickle Cell Infusion House with round the clock medical care with nurses, doctors, and care givers which would provide support, nurturing, screening, activities, and counseling.  

Help Support Sickle Cell