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Noah Scholorship

Noah Scholorship

Born a healthy baby boy on December 31, 2013. Or so it was perceived. Noah crawled walked and talked at average milestone ages. He raced to catch up with his brother who’s 4 years older than him and is now a great mentor to his little brother 3 years his junior. The three are inseparable. Noah has a vibrant spirit and an abundance of love for his family. At the age of three, Noah was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. The family was in absolute shock. Shock from not recognizing the signs and shock from not understanding what to expect for his future. Thanks to The Falling Angels Sickle Cell Foundation our family did not feel alone and were able to better understand what was happening in Noah’s body. Falling Angels was also integral in lifting Noah’s spirits during the holidays which, in turn, made us all happy. We are extremely grateful for this awesome foundation, the knowledge they share and the support they give. In spite of the challenges Noah remains a trooper and he has learned how to articulate his levels of pain. Like most children Noah does not like bloodwork. Noah questions all phlebotomists’ credentials before allowing them to touch him. Noah is known for his smile, caring heart, intelligence and honesty. If you do not want to know the absolute truth, don’t ask Noah! He strives to be the very best at anything he attempts and loves being recognized for his accomplishments in school. Noah’s strength is inspiring to his family and everyone he encounters. When he says “I love you to infinity”, he means it and we feel it.


Noah Scholarship Application


This application form and all other required documentation must be emailed to
or contact us through our website: To qualify for this scholarship, a 1,000 word essay must be submitted with this form.

2. Home Address

Required for High School students only - College admission composite test score(s). Attach photocopies of all score reports.

List any postsecondary institutions you have attended:


What does the scholarship committee need to know about you in 1,000 words or less is required? The committee members will be especially interested in these points: your most notable qualities, your attitude about Sickle Cell Disease.

Attach your essay to this form. The essay is limited to no more than 1,000 words, two printed pages (approximately 6,000 characters). Carefully proof read your essay.

Certification Statement:

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