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Atiya graced her presence to the world on June 12, 1987. Residing in New York most of her life, she was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. Not only is Atiya a survivor, but a thriver as well.

As a child Atiya showed the love for acting. Atiya attended a private school Barnstable academy who allow her to continue her dream of acting. As part of Atiya’s career in New York she performed at the Nyack theater piano lesson , Vagina maonolog. Atiya also worked as an extra in movies.

Performing on stage, in front of a camera, people experience joy, laughter and touching one’s heart through Atiya’s experiences, gives her life purpose.
As life moved on, Atiya became a mother and continues acting now in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her more recent accomplishments include; independent films, commercials and is back to theater.

Atiya’s passion continues to inspire all through an array of venues which include, acting, coaching and motivational speaking through spiritual healing workshops. Through these workshops Atiya continues to inspire with her bright and bubbly personality. To date, Atiya’s mission is to share her life’s experiences through her lens of growing up with sickle cell anemia and continuing to share life’s challenges and rewards.